Pleasant Shade

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Outdoor Adventures

Jackson County is the perfect place for a fun getaway in vast nature spots and more. Check out our various state parks, campsites, and recreational spots so that you can begin your adventure today.

Historical Destinations

Do the mysteries and adventures of the past - science, our historical soil, all of America’s dreams - intrigue you? Check out our vast collection of historical sites that you can visit here in Jackson County, and let’s jump back in time.

Food & Drink

Treat yourself at one of our many dining spots, from a quick, Southern meal to a relaxing, sit down roast! Our restaurants provide something for every craving. Check out where you want to dine and drink today.

Places to Stay

Are you looking for a cozy place to stay after feeding your appetite and getting a fill of sight-seeing? We have numerous lodging options and amenities ready to serve you.


Is it time for a shopping spree? Are you searching for the perfect souvenir to bring home? Grab your wallet, and be ready to shop till you drop at our many unique stores and boutiques!


Can’t get enough of Jackson County and want to stay awhile? We have all of the services you need, from car repair, pharmacies, banks, and more!


The most romantic day of your life is waiting around the corner in Jackson County, where your family and friends can witness the most beautiful wedding surrounded by natural landscapes and an appreciation of love.


Worship services are abundant and waiting to greet you here in Jackson County, where we believe the perfect church is waiting for you!

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Churches in Pleasant Shade

Bagdad Church of Christ

1015 Salt Lick Creek Rd Pleasant Shade, TN 37145

Gladdice Missionary Baptist Church

120 Salt Lick Creek Rd Pleasant Shade, TN 37145